• Sherlock
    I am not going to say anything about his eyes, but the way he solves the crimes with bordering-to-the-supernatural deductive mental power (even though sometimes they give you the feel of being staged) make you feel a bit brighter and clearer (should I say, more observant) throughout the rest of the day after having watched an episode. Looking forward to season 3.
  • Game of Thrones
    Being a big sucker for fantasy and lightly magical worlds, I really enjoyed watching season 1. There’s always a turn at the end of an episode, and even though you expect there to be one, it still takes you by surprise. Keeps me on the edge of the chair, and can’t wait to see the next season.

Currently watching:

  • Castle
    I love the subtle visual humor, the emotions between Rick and his daughter Alexis, and of course the dynamics between him and Kate. The cases they try to solve, and especially the story lines, may be kind of cliché (think: Murder She Wrote), but they’re still good and light entertainment for those nights when you feel like procrastinating.

On the to-watch list:

  • Pushing Daisies
    (No reason yet, someone told me to).
  • Firefly
    It has Nathan Fillion (and truth be told, I like his acting in Castle, so why not?).
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Because I already watched some episodes, and it will only get better (thanks to Rian for getting me warmed up to this in the first place).

Please add your recommendations:


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