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Within Temptation logo projected on the stage curtains

So, last night I went to the theatre and enjoyed the latest concert by Within Temptation. What a great show! I don’t go to that many concerts, so I may not be used to good shows, but I can say for certain that this was high-standing musical entertainment.

The outstanding performance by Sharon (what a magical voice!) and the other musicians (quality, it’s very good to see people play even the most difficult riffs, rhythms and other constructs almost effortlessly) is accompanied by a well-composed light show, and really entertaining music videos that tell the story of the music with even more persuasion.

What I really love about WT’s music, is the message of “trust in a higher force”, that makes you want to hold on again. There are fewer signs of hatred against certain aspects of organised religion, and things feel more targeted against specific people who make other people’s lives unnecessarily harder. That said, even hate and anger can be powerful forces that can be used to bring good and harmony, and Sharon seems to want to tell that those emotions should not be ignored and put away, but not applied blindly.

I really enjoyed myself, and look forward to hearing and seeing more of this all. Thank you, Within Temptation!