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Mr. ZIP promoted the use of ZIP codes for the ...

Mr. ZIP promoted the use of ZIP codes for the USPS during the 1960s and 1970s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just a quick post about something I just found out: using 7-zip (open source, hence preferred) can be slow. WinRAR has the name to be faster, and co-workers sometimes ask why it is not used instead.

But 7-zip uses multiple compression algorithms. Most of the time, the default algorithm (LZMA) is used. But the option to use the improved LZMA2 has been around for a while. This algorithm has been designed so that it can use multiple cores, whereas LZMA can only use 2 CPU cores effectively. And I have to say: speed increase on “Normal” compression is already 50%. I have not yet checked out the resulting size, but I need a deflation to about 10% of the original file, and that really seems feasible right now (halfway the process).

Maybe you’ve wondered about this, and maybe you already knew this. But if you didn’t yet, I hope I just made your waiting times a bit shorter 🙂

Update: to use the LZMA2-algorithm from the commandline, use the following:

7z a -m0=lzma2 -mmt6 o:\1.7z o:\1.dmp

A colleague of mine, and I were conversing about the benefits of MS-SQL over MySQL. One of them is the SSMS, which makes database management and query programming very easy. Then he pointed me to HeidiSQL – MySQL made easy. And it looks beautiful! Gonna look into that later today.

Update: having browsed their site a bit, it looks like a very nice tool, and might be a good replacement/enhancement for the MySQL Administrator tool. My biggest problem however, is that it’s made in Delphi, and therefore only really works in Windows. I would love to use a great management tool, open source (better yet: Free Software) under GNU/Linux. Anyone have another idea? I still haven’t really decided on a platform to use: both MySQL and PostgreSQL look like pretty nice candidates.