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So yesterday I promised myself that I would eat right, drink right and sport right for the next 30 days. I know that I can achieve that better-looking body, for I’ve seen the results before. So here’s what I need to do this:

Wake up early and GO for it

I know that the morning is the best time for me to exercise. That means that I also need to schedule my sleep and activities in the evening, so that I have absolutely no excuse in the mornings to stay in bed “just a little longer”.

Stock up on good food and cook right

It’s no use telling myself that I want to eat right if I don’t actually plan and prepare to do so. So making sure my fridge is filled up with healthy ingredients instead of fast-cooking easy meals and unhealthy snacks is half the job.

So today I started with some egg-white pan cakes (no milk, but some olive oil), low on the carbs and high on the protein and fibers. I liked them better than I thought I would.

Keep my progress visible

I use an on-line tracking site for nutrition and exercise. It worked for me when I was using it before (that is, before I started using Fitocracy), and I like the combination of tracking nutrition and exercise. So that’s why I am going back there. But it doesn’t really matter in what way I track my progress, as long as I keep reminding myself of what I am doing, and where I am going.

And that is what I’ll be doing the next 30 days, so may the kitties help me.


I’ve been lazy all my life. I found out early in life, that I didn’t want to rewrite my code, put too much time in doing homework, or move more than I had to. That doesn’t really sound like a good thing, but it has its benefits. For instance, trying to reuse stuff that I wrote made me a better programmer, even though refactoring still takes some time. And hating homework had me paying way more attention in class, giving me oceans of time to read books during test week.

But about that moving thing… yeah. Could we just skip that part, please? Oh wait, we can’t, I already made up a title for this piece. Well okay. Not moving gave me time to sit and learn new stuff (did I mention that I like to read?), but it also gives me lower stats on CON, STR and DEX. And even though I grew up in a family that loved walking, that was about all the exercise I got (except for PhysEd). resulting in bad form, slightly disappointed looks in the mirror and, well, as a Quality Man, I won’t have any of that.

Since a couple of months, though, I’ve been trying to do something about that. towards the end of last year I picked running as the way to improve my fitness, using a great podcast (in Dutch), recommended to me by a co-worker who had used them himself. The running schedule fitted nicely, and my being lazy fitted right in. Why? I had decided to walk the 30 minutes from the railway station to the office each day, and back again. So I could not skip a day if I felt lazy: I would be going that stretch anyway so there was absolutely no barrier (except, maybe, for the winter). Having decided on this, I made good progress in the course of a couple of weeks. But then I felt my shinbones being uneasy. Even when I didn’t run, they would hurt while walking. After a break of a couple of weeks I tried again, but the hurting returned. So could this be the end of my moving story? (I know, bad pun)

Then I remembered that last year, I got a bicycle from a friend. And I had told her that I would try and use it to go to my work. But a 30 minute walk is about 20 minutes of running (which was optimal for training), and could be extended by going an extra block. On the bicycle, that would be more like 5/6 minutes though. Hardly a challenge, and it would therefor take ages to gain enough XP to level up. That’s when I decided to go all the way. 38.7 kilometers, or 24 miles, is about 2 hours on the bicycle. That means that I leave home at 6:00 to arrive at 8:00, work for 8.5 hours and can be back home by 18:30. And I am proud to be able to tell you: yesterday I cycled to work, and today I rode my bicycle back home. I have the RunKeeper records to prove it.

I’m glad I did this, even though I will take a rest day in between, next time. Monday I’ll be off to work again, and thanks to my laziness I will not even walk to the railway station to buy a train ticket 😉

What keeps you moving? Are you lazy as well?

Let me get this straight: I am a morning person. I love to get up early, and when I do, I feel energetic and happy all day. When it’s getting dark outside, I start yawning, and I know I want to go to bed. It’s only the lure of the series I’m following that keeps me from turning in at eight.

And I love working out. I love planning it, but certainly also don’t mind working up a sweat. It’s one reason to feel good about myself all day long. (One of the other reasons is: solving some nice programming-related problem, in case you started wondering whether I really am that computer nerd that you thought me to be). It’s like that extra dose of energy.

And I love working out in the mornings, no doubt. No-one else is awake yet, nobody to distract me from my goals (and nobody to judge my actually following my plan or not, so it’s really all my own ***), the whole day still before me after I shower, watching the faces in the train to work, being all sleepy whereas I’m fully awake.

Then why, I ask you, why did I sleep in again this morning, preferring the bed to the floor, the lying down to the pushing up, the waking late to the jumping around?

One missed opportunity. But there’s still tomorrow to catch up.