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EMACS Movement Cheat Sheet

EMACS Movement Cheat Sheet (Photo credit: Triviality)

Sometimes I have to work late. The company I work for has customers that are open til late, and database transfers and large batches like merging can only be done after closing hours. Theirs. So that’s why I am up, late at night, and while waiting for some copy action or some batch renumbering to finish, I have some time to browse for interesting things that the web has to offer.

Changing Linux distribution

Today I installed Arch Linux. Why? I am not really sure, but it feels like a better way of updating and having freedom in choosing packages and compiling than Debian-based systems. It also keeps me more focused on the things that are really happening in my system. Unlike Ubuntu, that seems to go the way of the Mac (nothing wrong with that, mind you, but I like to be able to tinker and not have some settings hidden from me in deeper layers with every release), Arch Linux has you editing config files by hand, showing you what is really going on. And because I had my fun exploring and learning Linux with SLS, LFS and Gentoo before, I thought I’d try this for a change.

More nostalgia

In an earlier post I talked about database alternatives and their management interfaces. I’ve been looking a bit more into this, and I only just found out that MySQL was forked because of fear that the project might not stay open and free. Well, I do like that this is possible, and I am glad that people stood up for their rights and started developing on this code base, making it possible for all of us to keep attributing to great software.

While looking into this, I let my eye fall on PostgreSQL, which has a great management tool to work with: pgadmin. As I have used this database before, quite some time ago, I felt a bit nostalgic while using the main interface: pgsql. And seeing the wide range of types and operators that can be used, I think this might be my database of choice for new private hobby projects.


Español: Logo del pryecto awesome y el mismo p...

Awesome Window Manager Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Talking about this kind of nostalgia: while looking for a better window manager (again, Unity doesn’t really cut it when it comes to managing my screen estate: I prefer using the keyboard over the mouse and like to be able to see more than just two windows at one time), I found this interesting article. This might explain my fondness for keyboard-oriented interfaces like those of Emacs, ssh instead of rdp, and awesome, my new window manager.