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Explorer (Photo credit: waferbaby)

So today I went to the kittens once again, and they are really used to me now. Not yet coming to the door on the sound of the key entering the lock, but no longer running away, and greeting me with purring and nudging my leg for attention. They grew bolder, and that makes taking care of them more pleasant.

The only thing that I didn’t really like, was the fact that they had managed to climb on the windowsill and throw over a plant. The dirt was all behind some drawer-chests and on top (and some inside) a PlayStation. It took a bit of cleaning-up, but I could hardly blame them. Well, just a bit, but I guess that long days in a quiet house are not their primary idea of fun.

While cleaning, I thought of the ways in which we grow to be more adventurous, and also make some mistakes. I know I’ve pushed the metaphorical pot off the windowsill, and I think we shouldn’t be afraid to do so. It happens. Let’s not sit and bemoan it, but clean it up (if possible) and go on adventuring.

For instance, last week I heard that the management of a company decided that some people would be let go. The people whom it concerned would be notified in a week time. Of course, that caused quite a bit of uncertainty with regards to the future. One could ask: will I be one of those? If so, what would I do? Where would I go?

But instead of being afraid and letting yourself be petrified because of that, you could also opt to see both possibilities as an opportunity to learn something new. Anyone might make some mistakes, run into walls and even lose some things that they love. But in the end, you will have lived your life as an adventurer, and it will be filled with life! Just thinking that everything will go wrong, will not make any of that better. Enjoying the strawberries that hang around, all the more.