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I’m so glad that my last name is a common word in many languages, and my first name isn’t very uncommon either. I’ve been thinking about privacy and sharing personal information lately (as you may know), and once in a while it scares me again how easily you can find information about almost anyone on the internet. You can almost get any information from a social network account, and those are very easy to find if you can remember someones name (or better yet: read it from a name tag (yes, I’m talking to you out there, working in a store or sitting behind a reception desk!)), and have a general idea of where they live or work.


Stalkers (Photo credit: daniellehelm)

And of course, the internet is also meant to share. Share the things you did, the things you like, the things you made. Plan meetings, a night at the club, a vacation, or an online gathering… And for those purposes, it’s very convenient that you can easily find someone you want to share with. But you probably don’t want those things to be public.

That’s one of the reasons that I have closed my Facebook profile (their privacy policy tends to change a lot, and I read that they keep more information about you than you would think), and generally keep a low profile on the internet. But still… I am on the internet, so anyone with a bit of persistence can find me.

Are there alternatives? Well, luckily I’m not the only one contemplating this. I like the upcoming new social networks like Diaspora (or D*), who let you very easily control what you share, and with whom. On the other hand, people don’t use things like encryption very much, and that may well be because it’s not yet that easy.

In the meantime, all we can do is lock up our personal stuff, or don’t post anything personal on the web. Or, we can of course trust anyone who may just know enough about us to find us online.


Umarme einen introvertierten Menschen heute, so geht’s! | Kotzendes Einhorn.

(Translated: Hug an introvert today, this is how!) The picture there is in English.

I recognize myself as an introvert, and the picture is quite accurate!

Meanwhile, this might be nice music to listen to.


Explorer (Photo credit: waferbaby)

So today I went to the kittens once again, and they are really used to me now. Not yet coming to the door on the sound of the key entering the lock, but no longer running away, and greeting me with purring and nudging my leg for attention. They grew bolder, and that makes taking care of them more pleasant.

The only thing that I didn’t really like, was the fact that they had managed to climb on the windowsill and throw over a plant. The dirt was all behind some drawer-chests and on top (and some inside) a PlayStation. It took a bit of cleaning-up, but I could hardly blame them. Well, just a bit, but I guess that long days in a quiet house are not their primary idea of fun.

While cleaning, I thought of the ways in which we grow to be more adventurous, and also make some mistakes. I know I’ve pushed the metaphorical pot off the windowsill, and I think we shouldn’t be afraid to do so. It happens. Let’s not sit and bemoan it, but clean it up (if possible) and go on adventuring.

For instance, last week I heard that the management of a company decided that some people would be let go. The people whom it concerned would be notified in a week time. Of course, that caused quite a bit of uncertainty with regards to the future. One could ask: will I be one of those? If so, what would I do? Where would I go?

But instead of being afraid and letting yourself be petrified because of that, you could also opt to see both possibilities as an opportunity to learn something new. Anyone might make some mistakes, run into walls and even lose some things that they love. But in the end, you will have lived your life as an adventurer, and it will be filled with life! Just thinking that everything will go wrong, will not make any of that better. Enjoying the strawberries that hang around, all the more.



Weather.. (Photo credit: Tim Patterson)

Ein Liebeslied (Yes, another German song)

It’s so easy to tell someone to stop wallowing in self-pity. Why would we do that? Because we like to see people when they’re happy, and wallowing makes us feel as helpless as them. It’s harder to tell yourself to stop, though. And why should you?

Nothing is wrong with feeling bad about something you think is wrong or missing. Emotions are like the weather: we can’t help but get wet when it rains. Don’t fight the weather, that’s quite useless. Also, have you ever seen a hippo wallowing in the mud? It might look like it’s getting dirty, but actually, the mud helps him get clean and healthy skin.

On the other hand: we might as well enjoy the weather. Have you ever seen people sing and dance in the rain? We might “enjoy” our sadness by seeing it as a confirmation that what we have lost was real. That we are human after all. That it clears the way for new situations to come. “Negative” emotions help us learn something about who we can also be. And about what we want, what we dream of, and why reality is different from what we expected. We learn to live with our expectations, and change then if we want to. They may even help us plan for future situations, clear our minds from false assumptions about what we had, and open our eyes for possibilities that we didn’t really see before.

Enjoy the rain, wallow if you want to, and know that all weather is temporary. You are who you are, whatever the weather. And you have every right to be here!

Another song about rain

I just returned from having lunch with a good friend of mine. She’s very nice, and recently moved to a new place (I still have to show you the pics, so that you too, can know what a “vide” really is. I was impressed!). She’s not good with grains and milk products, so her diet consists of rather awesome things like fresh fruit and vegetables. Two of the recipes that we made (well, she had prepared them, I just joined her in enjoying them) are Ketchup with Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries and Chunky Monkey “Ice Cream”.

Thanks for the lunch, and we should really do this more often!