Colorful Camp Fire

This night we had a small camp fire. While inside the house, people were playing the drums and other instruments (and anything that made noise when hit, shook or pressed counted), outside was a small fire of wet wood, wet cardboard and a

wet … drizzle. Still, with a bit of spray paint, some dry paper that we had stored a bit better, and a lighter, we could start a fire.

And did it smoke? Yes it did. But there were also some awesome colorful flames, and I had the opportunity to catch some of them on camera. And yes, Patrick, you do see the face, don’t you? 😛

I enjoyed myself both inside and out. After the fire, the musical jam inside continued. And even though there’s not much of a story there, doing stuff together with friends makes anyone feel better. What activities do you and your friends do together, apart from conversation, that somehow just creates a feeling of togetherness? In other words, what never ceases to align the minds of you and your friends, creating a feeling of comfort and shared joy, even if it is otherwise purposeless?


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