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Karafka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warning: the following post may prove to be a complete waste of time for the reader. If you are the more philosophical inclined person, you might like it, but be informed: this post has only been written because I felt like it.

Life is, in my opinion, a one-time experience. I’m not saying anything about having lived before, or the possibility that one may have a life after this one. You might, for the sake of this argument, consider all those lives stringed together into a long snake of lives, counting the whole snake as one life.

There is no way that you can relive any single moment of your life in exactly the same way. Every moment that happens, will be just that one moment. The next moment is a completely different one, and all that remains is just a memory.

The question is: what to do with all those moments? How to make sure that not a single one goes to waste? What makes one activity more valuable than another? Is pleasure or fun the goal to pursue? Am I better off, trying to make a name that will be remembered? Or would it be better if I try to leave some heritage behind that is useful for generations to come?

Added to that, the real reason to do anything at all might not be the reason that I think it is. Do I watch a comedy because I like it? Because I want to be distracted from reality? Do I do stuff because I am addicted to it (or its consequences)?

And is there any use in contemplating all this, if the only effect is, that it made some more moments pass on by, having served only to be wasted towards no conclusion at all?

My goal is, to enjoy and be aware of as many moments as I can. I think the reason for this life is to live it. But I might try to dig deeper into this.

Not wanting to start a discussion on personal life views and the truth in any of them, I will just ask you: what do you like to do of which you are certain that it is no waste of time?

  1. Communication. I’m not necessarily talking about talking, which I hardly ever consider a waste of time. But watching television series or listening to music is a way for an artist to communicate with me in a particular way. For me to create art or stories is a way to communicate to other people. Listening and talking. This is no way is a waste of time, but then again I might not have talked this through.

    • Spoken like a true writer 🙂 Thank you for your reply. And I do agree that I find merit in communication!

  2. hszer0 said:

    *Existential Crisis mode* EVERYTHING is a waste of time. Our lives have no meaning, no value. If the human race does not kill itself, the universe eventually will. No one will be left to remember you and you will already be gone and can’t even care about it.
    Then again, this crisis is a waste of time as well.

    The way I see it, everything is a waste of time, yet it is not:

    Enjoying something you really like, Making mistakes in order to get wiser or stronger, Life’s ups and downs. All the things we are able to experience are worth our “short” time. (Even having the option to be lazy). Perhaps I should stop (not) wasting your time and end this wall of text.

    • Well spoken 😀 Even though it was a waste of time, thank you for this thought-through comment!

      I hope you, too, are enjoying things that you really like!

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